When reports of sickness come in or you begin to feel symptoms in your body, it is easy to throw your hands up and allow illness to control your life, accepting that you’re getting older and that you must “take it easy” and “lie low” until the illness decides to go away.

But Jesus has a better report—a report of wellness and healing—that was issued before you ever felt sick. It’s time to stop giving up and start living your life to the fullest!

Come experience healing at our Healing Is Here Conference 2019 in our new auditorium at Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado! From August 13-16, you will hear empowering teaching from Andrew Wommack and some amazing Charis instructors, including Carlie Terradez and Daniel Amstutz. Charis is also pleased to welcome back Audrey Mack of GoTell Ministry.

Participate in workshops and teachings that will help you dig into God’s Word and expect miracles. Learn how to steward your healing and how to teach others to embrace God’s grace and walk in healing and vitality in their own lives.

This conference is free, but it does fill up quickly, so reserve your spot today! The main sessions will also be live-streamed.

Jesus called us to expect amazing things, experience healing, and empower others to do the same. Register today for Healing Is Here 2019, and get ready for miracles to happen!

August 13-16, 2019



This event is free! But you must register, which you can do here. Healing Is Here fills up fast, so don’t delay.

Tickets are Free


Greg Mohr
Carlie Terradez
Andrew Wommack

For more than four-and-a-half decades, Andrew has taught God’s Word with clarity and simplicity, emphasizing the unconditional love and grace of God. His vision is to spread the Gospel as far and deep as possible through his daily Gospel Truth television and radio programs, broadcast nationally and internationally. Andrew founded Charis Bible College in 1994 and has established more than seventy Charis locations in major American cities and around the world. Much of his extensive library of materials is available, free of charge, at www.awmi.net.

Andrew will not be in attendance at all the sessions. Scroll up to see the "Detailed Schedule" above for speaking times.

Andrew Wommack

Audrey miraculously met the Lord and was saved in Cannes France in 1985, and in 1986 she followed His direction to leave France to go to bible school in Tulsa, OK. Audrey is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center and Victory World Mission Center and has been in the ministry since 1988.

Her first love and desire is to know God, to reflect Him and serve Him. Her passion for God and her intimacy with Holy Spirit enabled her to minister in the power of the Spirit and help so many across 5 continents.

Audrey Mack

Daniel Amstutz

Daniel is the Dean of Worship/Arts and the Director of Healing School. He is a seasoned, ordained minister and a published songwriter and recording artist with a lifelong passion for the arts being used for God's glory. He holds a bachelor of music degree in vocal performance from the University of Colorado and a bachelor of theology degree from Christian Life School of Theology. Daniel and his wife have been married for thirty-nine years and have two grown children and three grandchildren.

Daniel Amstutz

Carlie Terradez

Carlie was born and raised in the UK and moved to the USA after graduating from Charis Bible college in 2008 with her husband Ashley. Shortly after they were ordained by Andrew Wommack Ministries which spurred the launch of Terradez Ministries, a teaching ministry dedicated to empowering Believer’s to walk in God’s power and promises.

Carlie's life is a testimony to the miraculous power of God, from deliverance from numerous life threatening conditions including epilepsy, to seeing their terminally sick three year old daughter supernaturally healed. Carlie is passionate about helping others receive healing and walking in the abundant life that Jesus has provided for them. 

Having been healed of bone cancer in 1999, she has a burning desire to bring the message of grace, faith and healing to this generation, teaching people how to receive healing and how to heal the sick. In recent years, she also received a God mandate to bring this same message to the French speaking nations of the world which are mostly dominated by atheism, Islam or religious legalism.

Her joy is to see people established in the Word, walking with the Holy Spirit so that with His help they may become fruitful and fulfill their God given destiny.

Todd White

Todd had been a drug addict and atheist for 22 years when, in 2004, he was radically set free! Todd believes that redemption and righteousness are the foundational keys for living life as a new creation in Christ. Todd’s foremost desire is to see the Holy Spirit flowing through believers everywhere they go–at work, school, grocery stores, malls, gas stations, and more. Todd’s true joy is being able to reproduce a 24/7 Kingdom lifestyle in every believer. His heart is to activate people in the simplicity of who they really are and confront the barriers that hold them back from being who God created them to be. No one is excluded!

Daniel Amstutz

Greg is the Director of Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado. He is also a conference speaker and author and served as Senior Pastor of River of Life Church in Decatur, Texas for 24 years. He is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and has earned a Master’s degree in Leadership from Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, Oklahoma. Greg is married to his best friend, Janice. Together they have four children and eleven grandchildren.

Greg Mohr


 Trichotomy Healing (Spirit, Soul, and Body)

with Bryan and Sue Nutman

Bryan & Sue Nutman love to teach, train and release the Body of Christ in how to hear God's voice clearly for themselves and to "Activate the Prophetic. Building further on these areas and walking out their own healing journeys, they now want to take you on a Biblical interactive Holy Spirit journey on how to heal the soul and the body. To walk in the divine health, freedom and wholeness of all that God has for you! A practical workshop to equip you and train you to minister to others.

Be Made Whole: Healing through Worship

with Marcia Alverson

Did you know that your spiritual and emotional health also affects your physical body? Stop seeking your (physical) healing, and start seeking your Healer! God designed our whole being to be healthy in response to His Word. Come experience wholeness in spirit, soul, and body as we align ourselves in THE WORD through worship. This workshop is both teaching and a live worship experience. Get ready for wholeness!

Street Evangelism

with Tim and Lisa Mahan

Whether you are seasoned in outreach, want to sharpen your iron, or are a beginner please join us! Tim & Lisa Mahan, of Street Light Ministries will be encouraging you in evangelism, outreach and listening to the Holy Spirit. There will be teaching and instruction on Tuesday and Friday, with hands-on practice out on the streets on Wednesday.

Ministering in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

with Marcus Wick

When a Christian is baptized in the Holy Spirit the supernatural power of God comes upon them (Luke 24:49; Acts 1:8). You have received the same Holy Spirit that Jesus and Paul received, and the same capacity for signs and wonders by manifesting the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:7-11).

Activating, and exercising the gifts of the Spirit can be experienced and developed and is the very purpose God baptized us in the Holy Spirit.

This workshop will be practical in nature, with demonstrations of the gifts, and opportunities for your “hands on” participation.


Charis Bible College

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Healing Is Here 2019 Conference: Woodland Park, CO


August 13-16, 2019

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